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The Porcelain

It is resistant, but don't forget that it is a delicate material that must be worn with care in order to avoid collisions with hard objects or surfaces.

It is not afraid of external agents, neither soaps nor sea water.

It is easily washable using a toothbrush or sponge, soap and water.

Treated with care, porcelain does not age and will last for many generations.


The brass

Over time it is normal for brass to develop a dull patina which will dull its natural shine.

To clean it, warm soapy water is enough.

Scrub it with a toothbrush, rinse it and dry it well. Finally polish it with a soft cloth.

If you prefer, you can polish it with specific products.

orecchini TRACCE 2_edited.jpg

The gold leaf

After applying the gold leaf, I apply a waterproof and protective product to prevent it from being damaged over time.

When you wash your jewel, however, avoid wetting the golden parts.

It fears external agents and sweat.

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